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        I grew up in Portland, Oregon, and started working in childcare in 1986. I have worked in commercial childcare, a private non-profit school that was Pre-K to 8th grade, as a co-op teacher for parents and children, and in my own 4 childcare centers. I adopted 2 kids, a boy & girl, and then started Sweet Pea Kids Preschool in 1993 in my home in Oregon. During this time, I went to college and in 1999 I graduated with a bachelor's degree in early childhood education. I have had the pleasure of teaching infants through school aged children, but my favorite age is preschool, ages 3-4. I have a passion for mixed-age preschool classrooms, I believe that multi-age classrooms foster natural learning for all children. Older children boost self-esteem, encourage empathy, and become leaders while the younger children learn by the example of older children and grow confidence in the realization, they can do anything!

My first 2 centers were opened in Oregon, in 2004 and 2007, and I moved to Arizona in 2011. I love it here! In 2019 I took in my 2 granddaughters from foster care, my husband and I adopted them in 2020. From this experience, I realized the importance of community support, so here at Sweet Pea Kids, we have priority placement for foster children. We help support foster parents in any way we can, from walking them through the state process to offering emotional support and anything in between. After adopting my 2 girls I needed to go back to work. In 2019 I purchased Sweet Pea Learning Center located in Phoenix, and in 2021 I purchased Sweet Pea Kids Preschool & Child Care located in Surprise. I love coming in to work every day and seeing my staff's happy faces and the children learning through play, I hope to see you and your family soon!

Lynnette Bole

Lynnette Bole, Owner & Director
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